XTRESS CO is a brand that started with the purpose of breaking the line.  
Tired of the monotony and daily stress, we decided that we had to take a step forward in our lives and get out of the straight line. 
I started in the summer of 2020, after finishing a final class project. Within a few months, two lifelong colleagues joined. We didn't know anything, we didn't even know how to create a website... But we were passionate young people and dreamers, who didn't want to follow the traditional model and who wanted to inspire this generation to see life like us, without stress. We were tired of hearing that we are the lost generation, and we want to show that this is not the case, we are going to leave a mark.


That inspired us to create the concept "Break the Line" or "Line Break". 
Life is not a straight line and we don't want it to be either. Although it is full of downturns and difficult moments, there are also ups and moments of happiness. Those are the moments that really add value to our lives. This is our purpose, to look for those moments that break that straight line, that line that has to end for a better one to begin. 
This is what our logo represents, the heartbeat of these moments when we break the line and it becomes ups and downs.



More than what we are, we like to talk about what we represent...

They make us believe that we are born with a predetermined destiny, they teach us a lifestyle to follow, a style whose only objective is to satisfy the dreams and goals of other people. 

We think we are free, but in reality we are very far from it. They take us all in the same direction through a monotonous and stressful process.

Go to school.

Graduate from university.

Get a job of +8h a day. 

Buy you a house. 

Wish August arrives for 3 weeks of vacation. 

And so until the age of 65. 

This cannot be our future. We are not willing to follow that path, we want to break the line, change the mentality and show that true freedom is the one you get on the way to fulfill your dreams.

We defend the theory that the only way to achieve happiness is to get out of the traditional routine and pursue your goals, and if that makes us different… then we are different.

Because you only live once, and we don't want to stay with the desire
if you hadn't tried. 

Create your own business, travel the world, create content, study abroad, record songs, write books, go to the gym... You name it! Look for what you are passionate about and do it, only you put the limitations. 

Break the straight line, and create your own.

Always with XTRESS, without stress.