More than what we are, we like to talk about what we represent...

They make us believe that we are born with a predetermined destiny, they teach us a lifestyle to follow, a style whose only objective is to satisfy the dreams and goals of other people. 

We think we are free, but in reality we are very far from it. They take us all in the same direction through a monotonous and stressful process.

Go to school.

Graduate from university.

Get a job of +8h a day. 

Buy you a house. 

Wish August arrives for 3 weeks of vacation. 

And so until the age of 65. 

This cannot be our future. We are not willing to follow that path, we want to break the line, change the mentality and show that true freedom is the one you get on the way to fulfill your dreams.

We defend the theory that the only way to achieve happiness is to get out of the traditional routine and pursue your goals, and if that makes us different… then we are different.

Because you only live once, and we don't want to stay with the desire
if you hadn't tried. 

Create your own business, travel the world, create content, study abroad, record songs, write books, go to the gym... You name it! Look for what you are passionate about and do it, only you put the limitations. 

Break the straight line, and create your own.

Always with XTRESS, without stress.